100WC Week #11- The Problem with Transportation

Transportation helps us to get around, but it is harming our planet. Cars, planes, and taxis  use gas, which pollutes the atmosphere. Boats use it too, which pollute the oceans. Rockets cause even more pollution, by burning more energy. Bicycles are used for shorter distances, but are more environmentally friendly, not producing any harmful emissions. So, when we travel long distances, we produce more emissions. Maybe if we only travel for important reasons; for a job or visiting family, and we don’t travel the distance all at one time, we can travel and keep Earth clean. 


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2 thoughts on “100WC Week #11- The Problem with Transportation

  1. Hi Zoe,
    I saw that you commented on one of my stories called ‘The Evacuation.’ Thanks for saying lots of nice things. You also asked how long I have been doing 100 World Challenge for; about a year and 2 months maybe. I started it at the start of 5th class (I think that’s fifth grade for you, I’m not sure) and now I’m in sixth class. I think I’ve done about 36 stories. I also like your story here about transportation; I agree that we should only travel for important reasons. How long have you been doing 100 WC for? Great story.
    From Kyle in Ms. Brennock’s 6th class. https://msbrennocksclass.100wc.net/

    1. Hi Kyle,
      I’m glad you like my post on transportation. To answer your question, our class has just started doing the 100 Word Challenge; we have been doing it for three weeks, so we have written three stories. I hope you will look at the other two stories I wrote, and I hope you like them as well.
      I am in 7th grade (I’m guessing 7th class for you). I invite you to visit my post on my school, if you haven’t already. You can see what school is like here in America- at least at my school.

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