About Me

Welcome to my blog! I wanted to be creative with this page, so I decided to tell you about myself using the letters of the alphabet. I will use 26 words to tell you about me, but I am doing this backwards, since my name starts with Z.

Zoe- my name! I have always liked my name, and thought that is was special because it started with a Z.

Young- thirteen years old is pretty young. I just turned a teenager not too long ago, so I am starting to feel a little bit older, and a lot of changes come with being a teen. I am also very tall for my age, and do well at school, so sometimes these qualities make me feel odd, but hopefully that will change over time.

Xeon- this is a cool element on the periodic table. It is hard to find a word that starts with x, but I chose this one because I like Science, and the periodic table. This element is a noble gas (meaning it is a gas, and is colorless, tasteless, and odorless),  and is used in high intensity arc lamps. This I know from studying it in science class. It is an interesting element!

Writing- I always feel that I unintentionally write too much. I like writing a lot, as you can probably tell from this page, so for my blog I will try to be more brief in my writing.

Vacillate- this word means to be unable to choose between options. This word describes me because I hate making decisions and choosing things, whether it is choosing what to eat, or choosing who to vote for to be on student council. Mostly it is hard for me to pick because I like multiple/all options!

Unique- everyone is unique in their own way- I’m unique for many reasons. I am very passionate about space, and I play a guitar and a saxophone. Even my handwriting is unique, and everyone that I know that sees it says it looks nice. All the things about my personality that you will see here is unique to me, like my fingerprint.

Twelve- this is my favorite number. It is my favorite number because it is the day I was born on. I am in 7th grade as well.

Saxophone- this is one of two instruments that I play. I have been playing since 5th grade, and I play it for our school band. My saxophone is, specifically, an E flat Alto saxophone, which means that it is in the key of an Alto, like in a choir. There are other types of saxophones; tenor, and baritone, which follow the keys in choir as well.

Reading- this is one of my favorite things to do! I finished reading the series”The Lord of the Rings” , by J.R.R. Tolkien, and have yet to watch all of the movies. I did love the books and would definitely recommend reading them! The series is a trilogy; “The Fellowship of the Ring”, “The Two Towers”, and “The Return of the King”. If you have never heard of this series, you might have heard of the sequel, “The Hobbit”, which I also have read (and you need to read before you read “The Lord of the Rings”). Currently, I am reading the series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”. This series is all about Greek Mythology. I recommend reading it too!

Quiet- this describes my mood sometimes. Some days I feel quiet and I don’t want to talk all too much. I am also shy and I mostly feel this way when I have to stand in front of a lot of people, or when people want me to do a dance, or clap my hands to get others rallied up. Things like this make me feel shy, but other times I feel very outgoing, like when the teacher calls on me to answer questions, or when someone needs help. I am also a quiet worker, and like it to be silent when I’m working.

Perseverance- I feel that I have this quality. I have gone through some tough times, when I have had to push through and persevere. When I have gotten hurt, or got stuck on a problem, or have had to do something that isn’t the best, I had to persevere.

Ohio- this is the state that I live in, in the United States.

NASA- this is probably my favorite acronym, and represents how I love space! NASA stands for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and I hope to work there when I grow up, as an astronomer. In my blog, I will be writing a lot about space, and books, and music.

Music-this is a very important part of my life.  I play both a guitar and a saxophone, as you will see later. I have played my guitar since I was 8 years old, and I have played saxophone since 5th grade. I am in our school band, and I enjoy playing both instruments. I also listen to music on a regular basis, and playing instruments makes me understand it  more.

Loving- this word describes me because I (try) to love others and care for them. I like helping others and being there for anyone that needs me. I like teaching people, and giving to others in need. I just want to be a loving person to anyone that needs love!

Kittens- at our house we have kittens! But, not the kind that stay inside. They are wild cats, and never come indoors; we only feed them. The kittens we have now are so cute! I do not actually have any pets, though you could say that these kittens are.

Joyful- I think that I am joyful almost all of the time. I enjoy being happy, and like to make others happy as well. Also, when something sad, or bad happens, I try to be an optimist, after I get over the fact that what happened stinks! I just like being joyful and want to makes others happy as well.

Intelligent- I do not like to brag about being smart, but I am pretty wise. I like to use this to help others and to learn new things that are maybe above my grade level. Because of this I think I also like school more than some people! I am thankful for my gift of intelligence.

Helpful- I think that I am a helpful person. I like to help others out whether they are stuck on a math problem, or are having troubles with their computer. In fact, I feel bad if someone is in need and I can’t help, but want to!

Guitar- this is the other instrument that I play. I have played since I was 8 years old, and I enjoy it very much! The guitar that I have now is an Ovation type. It is the third one I have had in my lifetime.

Family- I have a large and wonderful family. Although I have no siblings, I have awesome parents, and cousins that act as siblings. There are a lot of aunts and uncles, and two sets of grandparents, not including my great-grandpa. I love to spend time with my family, especially with my grandparents who live right next to me. My amazing grandma makes me breakfast every morning during the school year. Overall I have a great family who I love.

Enthusiastic- I get very excited about things so this word describes me well. I get excited about things as small as baking brownies to as big as going to Disney World. I get happy very easily, and so am very enthusiastic about things.

Dependable- I feel that I am dependable and can be trusted. If someone tells me a secret, I’ll keep it, and if I need to store something, I won’t loose it. I try my best not to forget things and people can depend on me to help them, or keep something for them.

Coloring- this is another one of my hobbies. I really like coloring, and have coloring books galore! I like to make presents for people by coloring pictures. I think I get this from my grandma and great grandma who love(d) to color as well. Whenever I color a picture, even if it is not that important, I always want to get the colors right!

Baseball/basketball- these are sports that I like to play with my cousins and friends. While I do not play any sports at present, my boy cousins play on baseball teams, and we play whenever we are together.  I also like to play basketball when I can, along any other sport my friends want to play.

Adventurous- this word describes me because I like to go on new adventures. I like going to new places with my family, and I like planning trips as well. I like trying new things, but I can be a little hesitant to try new food.  I hope to visit places all around the world when I grow up.

Those are some words that describe me and things that are important to me. I hope that wasn’t too long! Please look for more updates on my blog!