100 WC Week #21


“Don’t worry, we’ll win the medal!” Sarah said to her partner, Grace. They were walking from their bus to their cross-country skiing race. “I hope so”, Grace said.  “I still cannot believe we’re at the Olympics! I’ve been waiting for this my whole life!” It was a very sunny day, which, Sarah thought, could effect the visibility as they skied. But, she was confident, despite the circumstances, that they would win. As they approached the starting line, they saw their competitors; gold medalists from Norway and Austria. “We can do it!” Sarah said to Grace. “We’ll just have to do our best skiing!”

100 WC Week #19

Linda was very nervous for her race. She was a skier in the Olympics, and this was her chance to win a gold medal for Team USA! The time came for the race, and she lined up at the starting line with her opponent from Austria. The buzzer sounded, and they were off! It was very nerve-wracking, for everyone there. One second Linda was ahead, and the next her opponent took the lead! After a real nail bitter, the finish line came into view. As she crossed, Linda could hear the announcer proclaim “And the winner is….. Linda Johnson! Team USA wins gold!”


Image source: Athlon Sports