100 WC Week #21


“Don’t worry, we’ll win the medal!” Sarah said to her partner, Grace. They were walking from their bus to their cross-country skiing race. “I hope so”, Grace said.  “I still cannot believe we’re at the Olympics! I’ve been waiting for this my whole life!” It was a very sunny day, which, Sarah thought, could effect the visibility as they skied. But, she was confident, despite the circumstances, that they would win. As they approached the starting line, they saw their competitors; gold medalists from Norway and Austria. “We can do it!” Sarah said to Grace. “We’ll just have to do our best skiing!”

100 WC Week #19

Linda was very nervous for her race. She was a skier in the Olympics, and this was her chance to win a gold medal for Team USA! The time came for the race, and she lined up at the starting line with her opponent from Austria. The buzzer sounded, and they were off! It was very nerve-wracking, for everyone there. One second Linda was ahead, and the next her opponent took the lead! After a real nail bitter, the finish line came into view. As she crossed, Linda could hear the announcer proclaim “And the winner is….. Linda Johnson! Team USA wins gold!”


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100 WC Week #18

The Key That Unlocks


Why am I so confused?

The answer should be easy,

but it’s not.

Should I leave my home

because of the freezing cold,

or stay and bear it?


Look at this key on the ground!

Just dropped by someone!

I have always heard how

keys can unlock doors.

Maybe I need to open one door

and close another.


What’s behind this door

in the garden?

The key unlocks it.

The flowers are dying,

because of the cold.

I need to stay and help

the flowers and more.

I can fulfill my dream here

I don’t need to leave.

100 WC Week #16

“Ninety degrees! On New Year’s Day!?” John was standing on his porch on January first. His thermometer read “90 degrees Fahrenheit”. This was the hottest New Year’s Day on record in Kentucky. “It’s not like last year”, he thought. “It snowed last year” His wife, who was inside, said, “This surely will be the hottest day of the year! And it’s only the first!” Throughout the week, it didn’t get any colder. Finally, three weeks later, the first frost came. “I bet climate change played a key part in this warming,” John said afterwards. “If we don’t do something, this warming will change our lives, and not for good.”

One Wish….

If I had one wish, I would wish for healing for the whole world. So many people are hurting, and I hate that they have to go through pain. My grandma has knee problems, and I wish she never had to go through this. She is the best grandma I could ask for, and I wish she could be healed. Other people go through cancer, or problems like that. This happens to good people, who don’t deserve it. If I had my wish, the world would be free of all sickness, and this would hopefully bring more peace to it.


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100WC Week #11- The Problem with Transportation

Transportation helps us to get around, but it is harming our planet. Cars, planes, and taxis  use gas, which pollutes the atmosphere. Boats use it too, which pollute the oceans. Rockets cause even more pollution, by burning more energy. Bicycles are used for shorter distances, but are more environmentally friendly, not producing any harmful emissions. So, when we travel long distances, we produce more emissions. Maybe if we only travel for important reasons; for a job or visiting family, and we don’t travel the distance all at one time, we can travel and keep Earth clean. 


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100 Word Challenge

100WC Week #10- Pollution

Pollution. Clouding the atmosphere, destroying our beloved planet. Factories, producing needed materials, producing these horrible clouds. We should put ourselves in our planet’s shoes, and see how this is tearing it down. But, we need these factories to produce cars, trucks, package food; provide the things we need. We need to work with our planet to keep it clean, and at the same time sustain ourselves. If we keep letting this pollution go on, we will find we have to do something about it, or suffer. So, we need to do something about it, to save ourselves and our planet.  

Image from 100 Word Challenge.

100 Word Challenge Week #9

There once was a beaver who worked for the Beaver Dam Industry, building homes for beavers who couldn’t. One day he was working, and saw something red-something hot-a fire! He was very afraid-he needed to evacuate the house as soon as possible; the need was urgent. He managed to take all of the things he had put in the house out, and move it away from the fire. The beaver became the hero of his little town! The fire had been caused by a careless camper, and so the little town protested this for the rest of their days.