100 WC Week #16

“Ninety degrees! On New Year’s Day!?” John was standing on his porch on January first. His thermometer read “90 degrees Fahrenheit”. This was the hottest New Year’s Day on record in Kentucky. “It’s not like last year”, he thought. “It snowed last year” His wife, who was inside, said, “This surely will be the hottest day of the year! And it’s only the first!” Throughout the week, it didn’t get any colder. Finally, three weeks later, the first frost came. “I bet climate change played a key part in this warming,” John said afterwards. “If we don’t do something, this warming will change our lives, and not for good.”

2 thoughts on “100 WC Week #16

  1. Greetings from Australia Zoe. Congratulations on your response to this week’s challenge. I felt a connection to your text because it has been very hot in parts of Western Australia so far this year – in fact many records have broken. There has also much talk about climate change. You tapped into a current topic. I always appreciate good punctuation. Thank you. 🙏😊🌻

    1. Dear Mrs. Wills,

      I’m glad that you can relate to my response to the 100 World Challenge. I wanted to incorporate climate change into my story, to go along with my idea for it; a New Year’s Day that breaks records. But, instead of being hot here in the U.S. in the new year, it’s cold, so you can see why it would be very unusual. I enjoy doing the 100 World Challenge every week along with my classmates. I appreciate your kind words!

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