100WC Week #10- Pollution

Pollution. Clouding the atmosphere, destroying our beloved planet. Factories, producing needed materials, producing these horrible clouds. We should put ourselves in our planet’s shoes, and see how this is tearing it down. But, we need these factories to produce cars, trucks, package food; provide the things we need. We need to work with our planet to keep it clean, and at the same time sustain ourselves. If we keep letting this pollution go on, we will find we have to do something about it, or suffer. So, we need to do something about it, to save ourselves and our planet.  

Image from 100 Word Challenge.

100 Word Challenge Week #9

There once was a beaver who worked for the Beaver Dam Industry, building homes for beavers who couldn’t. One day he was working, and saw something red-something hot-a fire! He was very afraid-he needed to evacuate the house as soon as possible; the need was urgent. He managed to take all of the things he had put in the house out, and move it away from the fire. The beaver became the hero of his little town! The fire had been caused by a careless camper, and so the little town protested this for the rest of their days. 

A Picture Inspired by my life


This picture I created was inspired by what is going on in my life. It represents a few things- the fall season where I live, the book I’m reading, “The Lord of the Rings”, and some of my favorite things.

The fall season is here in the U.S.A. where I live, and the trees with their colorful leaves in the picture represent that. I also made parts of this picture to represent the book I’m reading, “The Lord of the Rings”. In the first book, (which I have already read), the characters go through a forest called Lothlorien, or Lorien. In the book, this forest is what you would call “enchanted”, and is inhabited by elves. The forest had golden leaves, which is why I made the falling leaves in my picture golden. The ring above the trees, in the middle of the picture, represents the one powerful, problem causing ring from “The Lord of the Rings”, hence where the book gets its name. You will have to read the books to find out more about the ring and the forest! Lastly, the sun and moon in this picture represent space, one of my favorite things, and the changes happening there because of the new season, such as equinoxes, and moon phases. I added a navy blue background to make the objects pop.

I used the website Canva to create this image.

About My Avatar

This is my avatar!

My avatar looks a lot like me! It has brown hair, and brown eyes, as I do in real life. My avatar also has blue glasses. In real life I do wear glasses, but my glasses that I have right now aren’t fully blue; they are also purple. My T-shirt is also blue. Navy blue is my favorite color, and I wanted to show that on my glasses and shirt. I chose to have my avatar wear a T-shirt, because that is what you will find me wearing most of the time! My hairstyle on my avatar is very close, if not exactly to how I wear it in real life. It is short, dark brown, and parted in the middle. My avatar is smiling, and I chose for it to do so because I want to be shown as happy, and my personality is joyful. Finally, the background for my avatar is pale yellow, with stars. I chose this background, because I love stars, and space, and most stars are shown as yellow. That is how my avatar represents me!

I also made avatars for my mom and dad, and I will explain them as well:

This is the avatar I made for my mom. Her name is Teresa. I made her avatar have short, red hair, and green eyes, which she has in real life. Her hair was originally blond, but she dyed it red. Her shirt and background is green, because that is her favorite color.

This is the avatar I made for my dad. His name is Brian. He has brown hair and brown eyes on his avatar, as he does in real life. I got my traits of  brown eyes and hair from him. Dad loves superman, so I tried to make his background and T-shirt colors match superman colors. I couldn’t really make three colors, so I mixed the red and yellow in the background and made his shirt blue.

Those are the avatars I made for me and my family and how they represent us! I don’t have any siblings, so I just made my mom and dad.